Cortina 410
under construction...
Cortina 480 Pilothouse
Boat designed both for anglers and people valuing active rest by water. The motorboat is an adaptation of the Cabin version. Besides a 1.25 m high cabin, it...
Cortina 555
Designed for sailing on lakes and coastal sea waters. Cortina 555 has a refined hull shape, due to which it is driven lightly and surely, even with a large,...
Cortina 620 Sport

The new Cortina 620 - This is practicality and comfort enclosed in a relatively low and wide American-style hull. A roomy cabin for two adults with a...


Welcome to the website of the P.P.H. BAST-BOAT company, a motorboat manufacturer. P.P.H. BAST-BOAT Sebastian Jurkiewicz is a private manufacturing and trading company present on the market since 2010. Our main business is the manufacture of high-quality products from polyester/glass composites. Currently, our most important project is the construction of Cortina 480 motorboats designed for both anglers and everyone seeking rest and relaxation on the water.

Because of the high interest in our boats both at home and abroad, we have decided to offer two new models, Cortina 555 and Cortina 620 Sport, which you can now check out for yourself.

We strive to take the maximum care of safety for the users of our products, which is why the boats we manufacture have  undergone detailed tests for safety and compliance with the applicable standards and have obtained certificates of compliance from the certification bodies of the PRS (the Polish Shipping Registry).

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